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Novikova Ekaterina Nikolaevna, Postgraduate student, North-Caucasus Federal University (2 Kulakova avenue, Stavropol, Russia),

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Background. One of the important factors of development of the modern competitive Russian economy is the integration of sciences, production and business, which is hardly possible without involving university scientists’ innovative activity results in the economic circulation. These commercial aspects are the part and the essence of the process of science, education and production integration. The integration process is complicated both by the weakness of the material and technical basis and by the insufficient innovative activity financing sources in Russia. Due to this situation a problem has been set to study the experience of Russian and foreign universities in the said field and to suggest the ways to improve the said situation. The work is aimed at re-searching the financing sources for innovative activity of the Russian educational institutions.
Materials and methods. The article analyzes the possible variants of university innovations commercialization. If the results of scientific research are of the applied nature, it is possible to use the following three variants of university developments and technologies commercialization: to carry out research and development ordered by enterprises and companies from various economy sectors, to license or to cede patent rights and to establish small scale organizations on the basis of implementation of university scientific development results.
Results. The author has analyzed the possible ways of commercialization and financing university innovations, defined positive and negative sides and distinguished the directions of improvement of the university innovations financing system.
Conclusions. For successful integration of science and production it is necessary to financially support innovations developed in universities both by direct and indirect methods. An important part of this process is assigned to the state, particularly, the development of the research financing sys-tem with a clear purpose to obtain actual results, and the organizational and legal support of the said purpose.

Key words

finance, innovative activities, commercialization of innovations

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